Emerald Wireless Ranger smoke alarms are a perfect DIY solution if you want to install wireless interconnected smoke alarms yourself.

Here are the steps of this simple process:

  • Unwrap all the alarms and lay them out in front of you
  • Pair all the alarms by following the instructions (video below)
  • Once paired, install them in well-ventilated areas according to the instruction manual using the screws provided or magnet mounts (not supplied)
  • Make sure that the alarms are installed 30cm from the walls according to the QLD smoke alarm state legislation
  • Test the smoke alarms once installed to make sure they all work

Here is the video showing the pairing (interconnection) process

Here is the instruction manual for Emerald Ranger smoke alarms EP-RANG-10RF

If you have any issues with any of Emerald Planet’s products, please call them directly on their hotline – 1300 511 148