Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding our products:
1. If we buy the pack of 5 or 10, can we split the smoke alarms and use the other ones on other properties? 
Answer: Absolutely! All alarms are independent of each other and will work as per your setup. Each setup will work on a separate radio frequency that will not conflict with other alarms nearby.
2. What’s the brand of Smoke Alarms? Where are they made?
Answer: The brand of our alarms is Emerald Planet. Emerald Planet is a leading Australian-owned manufacturer and distributor of smart energy-efficient solutions which has been around since 2006.
3. Will all smoke alarms be interconnected with a mix of Hardwired and Wireless ones?
Answer: This is one of our biggest differences that makes our products much more affordable compared with our competitors. Our wireless and hardwired alarms can be interconnected via radiofrequency (RF). There is an additional RF module included for the hardwired alarms. This meets the Australian regulations, in particular the ones required by QLD state government.
4. Can your alarms be interconnected with other brands?
Answer: Unfortunately no. Each one of the brands works differently.
4. Do you have a shop? Can we pick up orders?
Answer: No, we don’t have a shop and don’t offer order pick up. We are an online business and offer free shipping for orders over $300. We have an office for our admin staff in Woolloongabba, however, there isn’t any stock held at the premises.
5.  Do you provide the compliance certificate for your supply and install service?
Answer:  Yes, we provide a certificate for supply and install service at the end of each job. We also offer an annual maintenance service.