Is your property compliant with current fire safety and smoke alarm directives?

At Smoke Alarm Photoelectric we provide high-quality, wireless, photoelectric smoke alarms that use RF (radio frequency) signal to interconnect. Allowing optimal safety and response time in the case of fire.

Queensland Smoke Alarms Legislation

Smoke alarms are required by law to be fitted in all residential properties in all states of Australia with some variations in required type and location. In Queensland, new legislation will be coming into effect on 1 January 2022. This legislation directs that interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms in QLD must be in all bedrooms, in hallways that connect bedrooms with the rest of the dwelling and on every level. This applies to all domestic dwellings leased and sold both in Brisbane and the wider state of Queensland.

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Interconnected Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

So what is an interconnected photoelectric smoke alarm? Photoelectric smoke alarms offer state of the art technology that is proven to save lives. They are small circular units placed at key locations throughout the home that are designed to provide early detection of fire. The new interconnected smoke alarms that we offer comply with the new regulations and must be installed in each bedroom, hallways and between bedrooms.

How Photoelectric Smoke Detectors Work

Within the alarm unit, there is a sensing chamber that contains a light-sensitive sensor and light-emitting diode. When suspended smoke particles are present in the chamber, they scatter the light beam from the diode. This sensor picks up this interruption to the light and scattered beams and triggers the alarm to sound.

Why Use Photoelectric Smoke Detectors?

Unlike ionization smoke alarms which rely on visible flames to trigger the alarm, photoelectric alarms are sensitive to particles created by smoke. This means a more rapid response and enhanced opportunity for escape should a genuine emergency be occurring.

What our clients say

Great quick postage. Easy to setup the interconnected smoke alarms. Products are of a good quality. Great price. Have bought twice from this company and will buy again.


Great product and very easy to set up and link together. I used the stick on magnetic mounts which made the job of installation very simple. The remote control makes testing a breeze without have to climb the ladder. The silence button on the remote is fantastic for whenever I burn my toast. Being a Queensland based company, delivery only took a few days. Couldn’t be happier.


I got 3 of these alarms so I could have 1 in every room, to comply with the upcoming change in legislation. They work great and are easy to set up and link together. I also got the remote for them, which is a game-changer, no more having to climb up to the ceiling to test the alarms or turn them off when I burn my toast :). Also they are shipped from Australia, so delivery time was very fast!

I ordered 10 of the Wireless Interconnected Smoke Alarms. They were delivered promptly and in perfect condition having been well packaged. Super easy to install. Nice white finish to match ceiling white paint. Very happy. The Remote Controller included was a great bonus.

Impeccable quality product, great customer service and best part of all, it was super easy to install by myself. 13/10 would recommend this shop to all my friends. Now I don’t have to worry about my smoke alarms being out of date, thank you!

Working with these guys is really easy. They are well organised and provide quality service. Not to mention that they are competitive on price which is what our clients love.
Alana, Ray White

I have a number of investment properties that needed new alarms installed, these guys did a great job. I highly recommend working with Photoelectric Smoke Alarms. They deliver good service at a reasonable price.


Photoelectric Smoke Alarms are very helpful when it comes to picking the right alarms. I gave them a call and they gave me all the necessary information.

I used Photoelectric Smoke Alarms myself and since recommended them to my friends. They provide good customer service and advice. Thank you!
Sam, Professionals

Very nice guys, all has been explained thoroughly. I would recomment them. Thanks guys!


These wireless smoke alarms are super easy to install with the magnets they are selling. Order came 3 days after I put it through.


Great online store. I wasn’t sure which smoke alarms to buy, so I called them. They called back the same day and explained everything to me. Installation was super simple with the magnets that they sell. Thank you

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Interconnected Photoelectric Smoke Alarms