10x Wireless Interconnected Smoke Alarms Pack With 2x Remote Controllers

10x Wireless Interconnected Smoke Alarms Pack With 2x Remote Controllers

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  • Have a 10-year 3V non-replaceable lithium battery
  • Are RF interconnectable with up to 40 alarms on one wireless network
  • Meet Australian smoke alarm standards (AS3786:2014)
  • Come with a 7-year warranty
  • Offer easy DIY installation, with no electrician required
  • Clearly audible alarm
  • Can be utilised with remote control for easy testing and silencing

In stock


Bundle of 10 Wireless Interconnected Smoke Alarms Pack with 2x Free Remote Controllers

Our Ranger RF five-pack of photoelectric smoke detectors are sensitive to both slow smouldering & advanced domestic fires. Our modern look alarms blend seamlessly with your decor and are easily camouflaged on the ceiling. All our alarms are fitted with a test/hush/silence button for ease of use.

Our alarms offer simple installation and can be easily interconnected or paired wirelessly with additional smoke alarms of the same kind. The use of lithium cell batteries means that you need never change the battery as they will last for the lifespan of the alarm.

These alarms are easily fitted to concrete, exposed beans, plasterboard, single and multi-storey dwellings and more. With no need for hardwiring, they are ideal for properties with minimal access to existing mains power wiring. All five alarms are easily interconnected and ready for use immediately upon installation.

This value pack makes it easy to cover all areas of your home and comes with an intuitive controller. Our smoke alarm controller allows you to hush, test, locate and monitor all your alarms from one easy location. No more reaching for the ceiling or hunting down the offending false alarm!

Purchase your 10 pack of wireless interconnected smoke alarms with a controller today and experience advanced fire safety in your home. Don’t forget should you need a single replacement alarm, we also sell these individually.

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