10x RED 10-Year RF Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Alarms With 2 Remote Controllers

10x RED 10-Year RF Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Alarms With 2 Remote Controllers


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Our RED R10RF 10-pack of photoelectric smoke detectors is sensitive to both slow smouldering & advanced domestic fires. Our modern look alarms blend seamlessly with your decor and are easily camouflaged on the ceiling. All our alarms are fitted with a test/hush/silence button for ease of use. RED is an Australian local brand that is highly praised by the local electricians.

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Model No: R10RF

Bundle of 10 RED Wireless Interconnected Smoke Alarms Pack with 2 Free Remote Controllers

  • Photoelectric
  • 10-year sealed lithium battery RF wireless smoke alarm. Interconnectable with up to 20 Red smoke alarms (240v hard wired and/or 10 year RF wireless smoke alarms) and includes a test/hush button and visual indicators.
  • The R10RF smoke alarm is approved and certified to meet AS3786:2014 and is fully compliant to meet the Queensland 2022 smoke alarm legislation.
  • The Red Smoke Alarm Controller can connect wirelessly to this smoke alarm.


  • Interconnected
  • Wireless interconnection
  • 10-year sealed lithium battery
  • Hush Function
  • Self-test
  • Local alarm
  • Button for test/hush


  • Detection Method: Photoelectric
  • Power: 3V DC 10 year Lithium Sealed Battery
  • Alarm sound: 85 dB at 3m minimum
  • Low battery indication: 1 LED (red for warning & Low battery)
  • Hush function: Button for test/hush
  • Alarm duration: 10 min for hush
  • Alarm indication: Sound: Alarm; Sound: Signal; Visual: 1 LED (red for warning & low battery)
  • Transmission Frequency: 433.92 MHz
  • Operating Distance: 20m indoor use line of sight; 100m in free field.
  • Temperature: 0-45C
  • Humidity: 5-95%
  • Size: 14mm x 39mm
  • Maximum number of devices: 20 pieces for wireless alarm
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Compliance: AS 3786: 2014/amdt 2:2018


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