New Queensland smoke alarm legislation is coming into effect on 1 January 2022. Many residential property owners, including landlords, need new smoke alarm installation to ensure their properties are compliant. Which begs the question: who installs smoke alarms in Brisbane?

This is why so many property owners are asking who installs smoke alarms in Brisbane…

Smoke alarms are required in domestic dwellings throughout Australia. January 2017 saw the beginning of Queensland’s legislation to gradually introduce photoelectric smoke detectors as the preferred type of smoke alarm across the state. Additional legislation, in effect from January 2022, aims to further the use of interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms throughout the state.

Queensland is half-way through a 10 year plan to ensure photoelectric smoke detectors protect all domestic dwellings.

From 2017, any new smoke alarms installed in new, existing, or substantially renovated homes have to be photoelectric smoke detectors that comply with Australian Standard (AS) 3786-2014. Property owners must install these when they replace hardwired smoke detectors, and when they test existing smoke detectors and find them faulty. In addition, they will need to replace any smoke alarms that are older than 10 years with photoelectric models.

January 2027 will see these smoke alarms become mandatory for all existing homes, units, and townhouses. Homeowners of all existing residential properties will have to fit interconnected photoelectric smoke detectors by then.

Whose properties need to be compliant by the end of 2021?

If you want to sell or lease a Queensland property from 1 January 2022 onwards, your property must be compliant with the new legislation. This applies to all landlords who plan to renew a lease or commence a new lease any time after 2021. In addition, this also applies to property owners and builders who are looking to substantially renovate and/or sell after 2021.

What are the new legal requirements for installing smoke alarms in Queensland?

  • All smoke alarms must be photoelectric smoke alarms, with no ionization sensor.
  • Each smoke detector must comply with AS 3786-2014. The manufacturer should clearly mark this  number on each smoke alarm.
  • You must connect all smoke alarms to one network, so they sound at once.
  • Smoke alarms must be less than 10 years old and operate when tested.
  • You must install interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms in every bedroom of your house.
  • There must be an interconnected photoelectric smoke alarm in each hallway that connects the bedrooms to the rest of the house
  • If no hallway is present, you must install smoke alarms between the bedrooms and the rest of the storey.
  • If there are no bedrooms on a storey, you must install a minimum of one smoke alarm on that storey. You must place the smoke alarm along the most likely path of travel to exit the home.
  • In terms of the power supply, these smoke alarms can either be hardwired or powered by a non-removable 10 year battery, such as a 10 year lithium battery.
  • Smoke detectors can be interconnected via a wired or wireless network, or both.

You can access all this information on the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services website.

Where must interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms be placed?

As far as possible, you need to install smoke detectors on the ceiling. However, you need to adhere to relevant requirements. These are not just about electrical safety, but fire safety too. You need to place smoke alarms where the alarms detect smoke quickly in the case of a house fire. You may not install a smoke alarm within:

  • 300mm of a corner where the ceiling meets a wall.
  • 300mm of a light fitting.
  • 400mm of an air-conditioning vent.
  • 400mm of the blades of a ceiling fan.

You can access all this information on the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services website.

Who installs smoke alarms? Do you need to hire a licensed electrician?

If you are replacing an existing hardwired smoke detector, then you need to replace it with a hardwired photoelectric smoke detector. In this case, you will have to hire a qualified electrician to carry out the installation. You can click here to get a FREE quote for our convenient smoke alarm installation service.

Contractors throughout South East Queensland means a quick response time!

Our services include:

  • We install new hardwired and wireless smoke alarms.
  • Were applicable, we will replace old smoke alarms.
  • Our team can conduct an annual maintenance service. They will thoroughly test all your smoke detectors, replace any if required, and provide you with a smoke alarm compliance certificate.

We provide affordable smoke alarm installations for landlords, homeowners, and real estate agents.

We provide the following:

  • Local electrical contractors will carry out the smoke alarm installation.
  • All our contractors are fully qualified professionals.
  • We offer affordable rates and don’t charge any call out fees.
  • We will provide you with smoke alarm compliance certificates.
  • All our products come with a 7 year product warranty.
  • If you are a new client, we will give you a 10% discount.

You can install our wireless interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms yourself!

Many people who want to know who installs smoke alarms assume that they need to hire an electrician. This is not the case when it comes to our wireless photoelectric smoke alarms. Because it is a wireless system, legislation does not require you to use the services of an electrician.

All our photoelectric smoke alarms meet the latest legislative requirements in Queensland:

  • We sell photoelectric smoke detectors that do not contain an ionization chamber.
  • All these smoke detectors comply with Australian Standard 3786-2014. We ensure this is clearly marked on each unit that is sold.
  • You can interconnect up to 40 individual units on one network on your property.
  • Our wireless smoke detectors are powered by a non-removable 10 year lithium battery.

Furthermore, we sell these quality units in bundles complete with a remote control. These deals make it that much more affordable and convenient to ensure your property is safe and compliant with 2022 legislative requirements.

If you purchase these wireless interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms but would rather not install them yourself, you can take advantage of our affordable smoke alarm installation service. You can expect swift and friendly service from our team of qualified electrical contractors.

Make sure your property meets the latest fire safety legislation before January 2022. We have top quality, compliant smoke alarms in stock!