With smoke alarm legislation changes afoot across Queensland, now is the time to consider changing your smoke alarms to RED.

Each year we see devastating house fires across the country, and while not all can be avoided, the sad outcome for many families could be avoided with the installation of quality, photoelectric, interconnected smoke alarms.

The RED smoke alarms are quick to install, and with a wireless remote controller, you can test your smoke alarms much easier, ensuring your family stays safe.

Why RED?

With the new legislation requiring smoke alarms in every bedroom, and in escape routes, there are homeowners putting off installing the alarms simply due to the cost. RED alarms are an affordable DIY install that can be done without an electrician, saving homeowners time and money. RED alarms are 100% Australian-owned and operated, providing quality alarms at an affordable price.

There are plenty of features with these smoke alarms including:

  • Interconnectable with up to 20 other RED smoke alarms
  • Wireless interconnection
  • 10 years sealed lithium battery
  • Self-test and a hush function
  • Remote control that allows you to test and hush alarms from the floor
  • 10-year replacement warranty

These alarms can be tested and hushed using a remote control that can be easily popped onto a wall or in a cabinet where it can be accessed by those who need it.

Purchasing Smoke Alarms

The RED smoke alarms can be purchased singularly or as a pack of five. They are both the same great alarms, but this allows you to buy as you need to suit your family.  The set of five alarms comes with the wireless remote controller, and you can also purchase additional remotes separately.

If you aren’t keen on installing your smoke alarms yourself, we can organise to supply and install smoke alarms in your Queensland home. Simply contact us for a free quote.

Where to Install a Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

With the change in legislation comes a change in where smoke alarms must be placed in your home. A smoke alarm must now be placed inside every bedroom, as well as the path of exit from each room. So, if you have a hallway that connects some bedrooms, you must install a smoke alarm in that hallway. You also need to install a smoke alarm in a common area if it leads to a path of exit – so your loungeroom or dining area or the like.

For those that live in two story homes, you should also consider installing a smoke alarm in the stairwell as well as in any room where you use electrical appliances such as portable heaters, portable air conditioners or humidifiers – so your office, the garage, the kid’s playroom and so on.

Smoke alarms must, where practicable be installed on the ceiling, and not placed within:

  • 300mm of a corner of a ceiling and a wall
  • 300mm of a light fitting
  • 400mm of an air-conditioning vent
  • 400mm of the blades of a ceiling fan

Queensland Smoke Alarm Legislation

The new Smoke Alarm Legislation has been in place for a little while now but there are a few things to remember, particularly if you are selling or buying a home, or turning your current home into an investment.

Let’s look at the investment side first. If you are turning your current home into an investment, as of the 1st January 2022, you are required to have installed compliant interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms in the relevant places. Until you do this, you are legally unable to rent your property.

If you are selling a home, the same date applies – you must have the compliant smoke alarms installed in your home before the property is sold. The Form 24 that your conveyancer or solicitor sends to the Titles Office will have a section that you must fill in relating to compliant smoke alarms being installed in the property.

For everyone else, this new legislation is a requirement from the 1st January 2027, however, remember that if you sell your home or turn it into an investment before this date, you require the compliant smoke alarms to be installed.

If you’re looking for quality and affordable smoke alarms to install in your Queensland home, Smoke Alarms Photoelectric can help you out. Our range of RED alarms are easy to install, meet all Australian Standards and meet the new requirements under the Queensland Smoke Alarm Legislation.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ page, and if your question isn’t there, we’d love to help you with an answer via phone or email.